Business spotlight – Dr. Karen Hall Part Two

June 16, 2024

In Part 2, we start by discussing Dr. Karen Hall‘s experience within Ozanam, Inc. as their Assistant Executive Director. From a young age, their program exposes youth to new experiences and opportunities, to open their eyes to the endless possibilities for their future.

She speaks to the persistance she’s held throughout her career. Even though someone doesn’t answer at the first knock, keep knocking until they say “Who is it? Come in…”

Dr. Hall’s parting words for our listeners:
💡 Find out who you are
💡 What’s important to you
💡 What do you want to leave as your legacy?

Feel free to connect with Dr. Karen Hall here on Linkedin. If you’d like to get in touch regarding potential training opportunities reach out to (412) 860-4767 or

Thank you again Dr. Hall for bringing your passion and energy to our platform. We hope you all enjoyed our Business Spotlight of the Month!